FRIDAY 16 - SUNDAY 18 MAY 2014

Dealers and Traders Area

Whether you are a classic, vintage and veteran vehicle dealer, sell spares and parts, are a speciaists in any field of classic motoring, why not showcase your business at our show.

With an expected 20,000 potential buyers from all over the UK, Europe and further afield you are sure to enhance your business. The VVC Showcase is dedicated purely to classic, vintage and veteran motoring, beit cars, motorcycles, buses, lorries or even steam.

Traders Considered for pitches are:

Classic, Vintage and Veteran Vehicle Dealers
Specialists in the fields of Restoration
Businesses in the field of repair and maintenance of all aspects of classic motoring
Parts and Spares Suppliers
Vintage Clothing, Luggage and Motoring Accessories
Any Business associated and dedicated to Classic, Vintage and Veteran Vehicles *
Classic Vehicle Clubs and Associations

* excludes insurance and finance businesses

Pitches and Stands

Dealers can choose from Indoor Showroom or Outdoor Space. Our Indoor Showroom is over 5000 sqm and up to 77 acres of outdoor space. Prime locations along the main avenue and corner plots are reserved quickly.

Space starts at just 3m x 3m for outside space and 4m x 3m for showroom space. Below are our rates.

Pass Allocation

Plot/Pitch Size Inclusive Passes Extra Passes
up to 12m² 2 Passes £10 each
up to 36m² 3 Passes £10 each
up to 72m² 6 Passes £10 each
over 72m² 1 Pass per additional 12m² £10 each

passes are for the full 3 days

Click Here to view showground map and sector locations (opens in new window)

Internal Showroom Space (Vehicle Dealers)

Position Rate per m² Minimum
Centre £41.80 + VAT 12m² (£501.60 + VAT)
Prime & Corner £50.20 + VAT 12m² (£602.40 + VAT)


External Space (All Trades except Autojumble area)

Position Rate per m² Minimum
Centre £34.80 + VAT 9m² (£313.20 + VAT)
Corner £41.80 + VAT 9m² (£376.20 + VAT)
Centre £29.00 + VAT 9m² (£261.00 + VAT)
Corner £34.80 + VAT 9m² (£313.20 + VAT)
Centre £20.40 + VAT 9m² (£183.60 + VAT)
Corner £24.50 + VAT 9m² (£220.50 + VAT)
Centre £18.00 + VAT 9m² (£162.00 + VAT)
Corner £21.60 + VAT 9m² (£194.40 + VAT)
Notes: Additional space in mulitples of 1.5m frontage, depth or both at above shown rates
Autojumble area is marked by a yellow box on map
  * Sector C not available to motor dealers


External Space (Autojumble)

Position Rate per m² Minimum
Centre £15.00 + VAT 9m² (£135.00 + VAT)
Corner £18.00 + VAT 9m² (£162.00 + VAT)


External Space (Club Arena)

Position Rate per Vehicle Minimum
All £10.00 (no VAT) 5 vehicles (£50.00)
  Club vehicles on display must not be made available for sale in the club arena. Should you wish to sell your vehicle but also display in this arena, prior authority from the organisers must be given.


Optional Extras

Item Rate Minimum
Electricity £25.00 + VAT per socket 1 socket
On Site food and drink consumption charge £100 £100
Alcohol Licence £20 £20
Vehicle movement pass * £15 per vehicle 1 vehicle
Vehicle Trasnporter Pass up 7.5t £20.00  
  up to 12t £30.00  
  up to 18t £40.00  
  over 18t £50.00  
Caravan Permit £15.00    

* This covers the cost of additional insurance required for vehicles movements on site during public access times (reserved for test drives of vehicles only

Saturday Night Traders Dinner & Party

3 Course dinner with wine or beer, live music and a great social atmostphere

Dinner & Party Rate Minimum
Adult £25.00 per person -
Child (5-15 yrs) £15.00 per person -


Book/Reserve your pitch by 18 October 2013 and receive 10% discount. A 50% deposit is required at time of booking.

Please email us with any questions and we will call you back, or

Click Here to Reserve Your Pitch Now

No payment is required at this time