Adding Your Business To Classic Search


There are several areas of Classic Search where your business will benefit from being included:


Our new shopping site is being developed to sell over 2 million products to classic and historic vehicle owners and businesses worldwide. It is quite simply a huge supermarket for all things classic. All products in our catalogues are sourced from UK businesses like yours and it has been designed to help your own business compete with the larger companies and grow stronger.

Classic Search has a huge presence utilising today's technology whilst being ready for all advancements in the future. Classic Search is the place customers go to find what they need. Don't miss out, join our network today.

Our fees are reasonable and you pay nothing to join. All you need to do is provide us with your product catalogues, pricing and terms and conditions and we do the rest. Once a sale has been completed on our secure webservers, we pay you the pre-agreed price for the goods and you are ready to dispatch direct to the customer.

Simple, Effective and Profitable - We do all the marketing for you while you sit back and enjoy the extra revenue.

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Car Hire Network

Another new development from Classic Search. Whether you hire classic wedding vehicles or are a classic car hire company, our network is the place you need to be. With our huge presence in the field of classic cars, our website is one of the first points of call for when someone is looking for anything classic, including vehicle hire.

By joining our new network, all you need to do is provide us with full details of your vehicles, your terms and conditions and to keep us fully updated of availability. Joining the network is free.

Once a hire has been booked and confirmed through our secure online webservers and payment has been made, we immediately pass on to you the pre-agreed fee for hire.

As we do all the marketing and handle all the sales through the website, all you have to do is provide the service required by the customer and see your business develop and grow.

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Directory Listing & Profile

Our famous directory has just got bigger and better and as we are one of the first ports of call for people looking for anything classic, your business needs to be included or you could be losing out to your competitors.

Not only are our directories probably the most comprehensive available today, we are also the only facility to provide a Full Business Profile for your company on its own dedicated page. You have full control of the content too. This profile allows potential customers to see immediately if you are the right business for them; therefore, you need to stand out and make your point.

Our rating system allows your customers to leave their satisfaction rating and comments, which clearly help others to evaluate your business before coming to you. The more content in your profile and the higher your rating from more customers, the more business you gain.

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Classified Adverts

If you sell classics, automobilia or registration transfers, Classic Search has now included a classified adverts section. We are about to launch in early 2013 an advertising campaign which will see our website promoted throughout the UK. We aim to be the first place to visit when looking to buy a classic vehicle, automobilia or registration number.

Come on dealers, you need to be part of this new way and our fees are very reasonable and will work out much more cost effective than printed adverts.

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