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We are celebrating fourteen years of bringing you our renowned directories and classic car insurance. As a result, we are developing many new areas for your convenience; simplified menus now make finding what you need much easier, classified adverts, wedding and classic car hire and new on-line shopping centre.

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Our new event for 2014 - so much more than just a show - Bring and sell your classic vehicle, enter the auction, Enter our New Prestigeous Concours d'Elegance (Champion of Champions), lots of special displays and events - Click image to find out more


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NEW - Enhanced Directories
Enchanced up-to-date directories to help you find the right specialist for your needs and local to you. Our directories cover everything from restorers to specialist engineers -
Over 1800 businesses listed - in more than 40 categories in each of our directories for classic cars, bikes, bus and coach, lorries and special type vehicles where we have customer ratings and full business profiles
NEW - Wedding and Classic Car Hire
Search and book your desired wedding transport on-line with Classic Search - hundreds of vehicles available across the UK
Fancy a few days behind the wheel of another great classic? Why not hire one online with Classic Search. Browse and find one you would like to drive today
Coming Soon - Classified Adverts
Browse adverts from both private and trade sellers - Classic Cars, Motorcycles and other great vehicles from concours condition to a barn find. Also find registration numbers and automobilia
Private Sellers Advertise Free | Dealers Sign-in Here
Coming Soon - On-Line Shopping
Over 2 million products including spares and parts for over 500 models, old style registation plates, tyres, consumables, car covers and so much more - Click Here to go to our Shopping Centre

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